Skill Highlights

A quick learner who has worn many hats

Strategy &


The Big Picture: Effective at developing internal communication, organizational processes, budgets, schedules and data analysis with a "big picture" in mind. 


Map it Out: Adept at creating spreadsheets, databases, slideshows and supporting documents to get everyone on the same page.


Producing IS Planning: To see the massive amount of "strategery" (not a word but it should be!) that goes into filmmaking, see my list here

Social & Digital Marketing


Post Away: I can manage and leverage multiple social media accounts at once, producing consistent, on-message posts daily or as needed. 


Analyze This: Utilizing social media tracking tools and following typical best practices, I have pushed campaigns through to hundreds of thousands of impressions. 



Staff & Volunteer Management


Inpsire People: My leadership skills have allowed me to cultivate and steer a team of 3 to 50 professionals and volunteers. 


Never Alone: The credits of my films show just how many people it really takes to pull off the collaborative art of filmmaking.


Organizational Efforts: This also applies in Creative Services Department at my current position - to push branding and identity through an entire organization.

Technical & Web-based Software


Mac/PC Ambidextrous: Proficient in both Mac & PC Operating Systems, MS Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite (Primarily Photoshop and Premiere


Web-Based Business: Lots of experience Google Products and Apps, Quickbooks, eTapestry, Wordpress, Wix, SEO, YouTube Channels, Ad Managers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Fundraising & Budgeting


Behind the Scenes: For every film I've produced, the work began with fundraising. Short film budgets range from $800 to $3,000 (all donations from my network). I've also crowdfunded around $50,000 for feature films (which also have $200,000 in investor funds).


Stick to the Budget: Add donations to investor funds and you get the very modest budgets for our films. I am notorious for figuring out how to "make it work," and revising scripts and scenes to fit a lower budget.


Passion & Heart 
for People 


What Really Matters: When I was a little girl, I used to say that I just wanted to "help people" when I grew up. This is still a huge part of who I am. My passion for making a difference in people's lives - making my world a better place for everyone - is what drives me to work, create and collaborate with others. 


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